Shlosem Ukraine, Ltd.

An specialized agro-industrial company in the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, preparation of extracts, ether oils and functional products. Our plant raw material corresponds to all USP, BP, EP, JP requirements and the wishes of our clients. In its work the company complies with the main standards in this sphere: GACP, GMP, ISO 9001. The series of functional Wogon products – these are innovative products that are unique by their recipe and content.


Our advantages

Innovative solutions

Creation and development of innovative products;

WHO standards

Production standards GACP, GMP, ISO 9001;

Product quality

Compliance with EP and USP, BP, JP requirements;

Environmental protection

Compliance with the 14001 standard is our priority.


On November 30, 2017, Schlosem Ukraina, Ltd. participated in an auction for the long-term lease of land. Based on the results of the auction, the company received the right to...


Based on an agreement regarding a sub-order between Schlosem Ukraina, Ltd. and Beauty Flora. Ltd., the Beladonna medicinal sort “Beautiful Lady” was planted on an experimental...