About the company

Shlosem Ukraine, Ltd. – this is an specialized agro-industrial company in the cultivation and production of medicinal and aromatic plants that prepares extracts, ether oils and functional (prophylactic-curativre) products from such plants.

Cultivation and production of the product is executed at the company’s own production sites and in the facilities of partners located in ecologically clean areas in the Cherkasy, Zhytomyr and Volyn oblasts.

Our plant raw material is standardized in compliance with the requirements of the SPhU (State Pharmacopeia of Ukraine), the EP (European Pharmacopoeia), the USP (United States Pharmacopeia), the JP (Japanese Pharmacopeia) and others.
In its work the company complies with the main industry standards: GACP, GMP, ISO9001.
The “Wogon” – these are innovative products that are unique in their recipe and content.

1) Beverages (dietary additives): elixirs, adapted beverages, wines;
2) cosmetics: creams, gels, shampoo and balsams.

These are innovative products that are unique by their recipes and content. They combine natural aromas, tastes, safety and benefits tested by independent research laboratories. They are produced from standardized plant raw materials that are grown on the company’s privately owned land in ecologically clean forests of the Cherkasy and Volyn oblasts with the due quality control.

Mission and Values

We create for people proven safety and beneficial herbal products.

  1. Trust;
  2. Responsibility;
  3. Honesty and transparency;
  4. Protection of the wilderness;
  5. Love for your country and the world.


Our philosophy

We develop a technology as a roadmap, which leads to a responsible future. This is why Shlosem Ukraine, Ltd. chooses technology with which we work very meticulously. Our goal is to protect the attainments of nature by preserving the quality of our products with the help of ecologically clean production capacities.

The starting point of our production is value for the consumer. In essence, the philosophy and instruments of organizing business are aimed at optimization of all the company’s processes, improving the quality of the product we make to meet the needs of our clients.

We combine people’s experience with the newest technologies. From the cultivation of plants to extraction and drying in order to achieve the set goals we use both innovative and already tested technologies. Regardless of the production process, our main priority is always the protection of active pharmacological ingredients.

The concept of thrifty production in our enterprise is based on a systemic approach to exposure of defects and finding methods to eliminate them. One of the main objectives of this concept is constant improvement of processes at the enterprise by engaging the entire personnel in this process.


Ethics and Compliance

The activity of Shlosem Ukraine, Ltd. on all markets is devised exclusively on the basis of effective legislation in compliance with the principles of conducting honest business, high standards of business ethics and professional conduct that are acceptable in our company.

The code of business conduct and ethics is the fundamental document in which the norms of internal corporate conduct and the rules of interaction of the employees of Shlosem Ukraine, Ltd. with clients, business partners, state bodies and external auditors are laid out.
In order to ensure the correspondence of the activity of the Shlosem Ukraine, Ltd. company to the requirements of effective anti-corruption legislation, exposure, assessments, analysis and minimization of risks of corruption within the company, a system of compliance is being developed. A policy of compliance with anti-corruption legislation according to which every employee of Shlosem Ukraine, Ltd. should comply has been approved.
Employees of Shlosem Ukraine, Ltd. and its partners can call +38 044 237 93 01 to report about the violation of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics or acts of corruption with the participation of representatives of the company.