Innovative solutions

Creation and development of innovative products;

WHO standards

Production standards GACP, GMP, ISO 9001;

Product quality

Compliance with EP and USP, BP, JP requirements;

Environmental protection

Compliance with the 14001 standard is our priority.

Products of Schlosem Ukraina, Ltd

The products of our company include medicinal herb raw materials, herb extracts and oils and functional products under the trademark “Wogon”.
Cultivation and production of the product is executed at the company’s own production sites and in the facilities of partners located in ecologically clean areas in the Cherkasy, Zhytomyr and Volyn oblasts.
In its work the company complies with the main industry standards.

The “Wogon” – these are innovative products that are unique in their recipe and contentThey combine natural aromas, tastes, safety and benefits tested by independent research laboratories.
Our plant raw material is standardized in compliance with the requirements of the the EP (European Pharmacopoeia), the USP (United States Pharmacopeia), the JP (Japanese Pharmacopeia) and others.