Quality policy

The policy of Schlosem Ukraina, Ltd. in the sphere of quality is aimed at constant enhancement of the quality and competitiveness of the product on the market, the level of satisfaction of consumers and ensuring the correspondence, transparency, mutual understanding and correctness in mutual relations with all interested parties (partners, customers, suppliers, employees and owners of enterprises) and constant improvement of quality management systems.

Policy in the sphere of quality is grounded on the basic principles of the activity of the enterprise:

  • Orientation towards the consumer;
  • Engagement of employees in quality management;
  • Professional approach – management of enterprise activity and resources;
  • Lean-production;
  • Development of employees, enhancement of their skills and motivationї;
  • Mutually beneficial relations with suppliers and all interested parties;
  • Strict compliance with requirements of internal documents of quality management systems, state standards and other normative documents;
  • Ensuring the safety of activity of the enterprise for all interested parties.

Our main goal – ensure that our products comply with strict standards of quality and safety. We are constantly improving – from the stage of development of new products (production processes), which allows us to reduce potential risks in the early stages to the maximum. The safety of our products starts with the seeds on the field and ends in the form of a ready product in the hands of the consumer. In this way we assume full responsibility for our products.

Our integrated quality management system is subject to constant inspections and external audits (of domestic and international bodies).

The team of Schlosem Ukraina, Ltd. assumes full responsibility for implementation of policy in the sphere of quality of the company’s products by creating conditions for this and ensuring the availability of the necessary resources.