In its work the company complies with the main standards in this sphere: GACP, GMP and ISO 9001:2000. The aforementioned standards are an integral and fundamental element of our process-oriented and sophisticated management system.

The production of plant products is marred by a large number of problems starting with externalities, which can affect their growth and ending with storage conditions. For this reason in our work we aspire to establish an integrated quality management system. Precisely this guarantees that we always receive a standardized product with the envisaged quality.

  1. Product creation. We start our work with the creation of the product, guided by the Six Sigma (DMADV) metrology, which is used in corporate management for the creation of new projects of products or the process with envisaged and defect-free quality.
  2. Cultivation and preparing medicinal plants. In the next phase we execute controlled growth of the plants on the basis of the requirements and the due practice of cultivation and picking of medicinal plants (GACP). This is the approach we take in the work with our sub-contractor organizations, thereby avoiding as much as possible the use of chemical pesticides and using only concisely defined means of protection.
  3. Production of extracts. At the stage of processing of medicinal plant raw materials our main priority is always the protection of pharmacological ingredients. Our main guideline is the GMP Resolution “Due Practice in the Production of Plant Medicines” and ISO 9001:2000. The presence of the corresponding requirements for us is critical in our work with sub-contracting firms. We offer a combination of rich human resource experience and the latest extraction technologies..
  4. Planned quality. All our products undergo a thorough analysis so that we can guarantee your safety and the safety of your clients at any time. Our medicinal plant raw material and the products made from it comply with the standards of the State Pharmacopeia of Ukraine (SPhU) confirmed by independent accredited laboratories.
  5. Constant monitoring. This uninterrupted monitoring means that we can trace data at different stages of production and the uniformity of the parties of documents and thereby satisfy the high requirements and needs of clients regarding product safety. For this we conduct several levels of audits. The first audit is at the employee level, the second – at the level of authorized individuals and the third – with the engagement of third party organizations.
  6. Ongoing improvement. The approach to consistent resolution of problems on the basis of the DMAIC methodology – this is ongoing improvement of business processes, which we execute in the process of production management and which is one of main principles of our work.